Sunday, May 12, 2013



I have a very special mom, she is totally different from others mom...but then I still appreciate her very very much...

When I still in school, my mom didnt wake me up, my mom didnt prepare well breakfast for us...we woke up by alarm clock, woke up earlier if you need breakfast...

As we able to do the house chores, my mom won't did all for us like others mom. She divided all the house chores among three of us. My mom won't stop us get into kitchen since we are small.

During my past schooling time, we were not allow to watch tv except weekend and holiday. We need gain permission from her to open the tv. I now laugh at own when thought bc the time I watched tv like a thief...haha

We won't told my mom if we been punished or caned by teacher at school. If told, u wait been receive double portion of what u get at school but till now i still don't know why she sure will knew once we been punished.

My mom seldom visit to market. I think will not more than four times in a year. She will not know the prices of vege, the meat, the groceries...she didnt hv the skill to bargain in market. This made me familiar with market around taiping.

My mom still like to read the love's novels. Usually others mom didnt allow their children read on the love novel but my mom herself love them so much.

My lovely mom is the first in my family that own a Nintendo gameboy when I small. My mom is the first to own an Apple product when I big enough.

My mom is the one who addicted in Candy Crush in my family nowadays. She the one introduced me the game and taught me how to play on it. She now been at level 70 if I not mistaken.

I love all my mom's specialities. All her specialities lets me learn a lot in life. I felt easy when I stepped out from family's pampered. I able to adapt my college life easily as I get used to wash clothes at home, I get used to prepare some easy meal and many others.

May be u all will felt surprise on my post but I wanted to end my post v a big grateful to her. Because her I m here, because her I went through my life happily, because her I enjoy my life now. My lovely mom, happy mother day!!!


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